120 years of nursery (South Tyrol / Südtirol, Bolzano)

Erhard Tutzer (Bolzano) and Alois Karadar (Cornaiano)

History of the nursery

50 years ago, Erhard Tutzer founded the nursery Tutzer. His love for viticulture and viniculture, along with his great expertise and the demand for the highest quality and health of the vines, made the nursery one of the leaders on the Italian market.

Expansion of the nursery

In 2001 Alexander Morandell became the CEO of the nursery. Together with the owner Erhard Tutzer and his team, he started to expand on international markets and to develop a large network of cooperative partners. Together with these partners, he fostered new vineyards, grew new varieties of vines, developed and implemented state-of-the-art techniques throughout the nursery to improve the health and quality of the vines, decrease costs and preserve the environment.

Nursery Tutzer becomes Tutzer Wineplants

In 2010 the Nursery Tutzer became “Tutzer Wineplants”. Always with the aim to grow the best traditional and most innovative vines, along with offering their experience as a full-service company with expertise from planting to harvesting in the vineyard.

The nursery becomes Wineplant Ltd (South Tyrol / Südtirol, Bolzano)

In 2012 the nurseries „Tutzer Wineplants“ by Alexander Morandell and „Rebschule Karadar“ by Armin Karadar merge into Wineplant Ltd (South Tyrol / Südtirol, Bolzano), which affords a higher level of security to the product, the customers and the employees. They unite personal knowledge and long-time experience of the famous nurseries „Karadar“ (since 1949) and Tutzer (since 1963), and still keep on focussing on the immediate and individual consulting as well as providing a complete solution.

The nurseries Karadar and Tutzer

Armin Karadar (successor of Alois Karadar) and Alexander Morandell (successor of Erhard Tutzer) are passionated by viticulture and winegrowing and ensure also in future the high quality of grafted plants.

Nursery with know-how

Benefit from our long-time experience and our vast range of grapevines; as well as of fungusresistant grapevines like Bronner and Regent.

3.000.000 vines

4.000.000 rootstocks

10.000.000 buds

Vision of the nursery

A vast range of grape varieties, rootstocks and vines permits to supply winegrowing farms in Europe and all over the world.

We would like to contribute also in future to your viticultural success!

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